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Trick training is about being silly and having fun with your dog, but it can also help you and your dog build an even greater relationship

                  Trick training:

capitalizes and improves upon what your dog already knows and makes it better

gives energetic dogs an outlet for their energy and improves self-control

can build confidence in shy dogs

strengthens communication between you and your dog

can help you to be more creative about fixing behavior problems, i.e. a dog who barks at visitors is much quieter if she is taught to carry a toy

can make a large dog less scary to people

The prerequisite for this class is graduation from a KSCEC Basic class.


For a potential therapy dog, obedience training is vitally important because it shows that the dog and owner can work together. You and your dog must be able to demonstrate that you can communicate and work together as a team.


When you and your dog as working as a pet therapy team, you are responsible for the safety of your dog and the people you visit. Training helps keep dog, owner, and the person being visited, safe.





Some of the topics covered in Therapy class include;


    Go say hi

    Hide your head

    Go say hi


    Visiting on a Bed


    Leash and Body Grabbers​


    Wheelchair Etiquette


    Leave it


    Visit Bag Items


    Visit Manners


    Back up

Love on a Leash does not require this class for membership, but we

will do the Control Evaluation test for Love on a Leash as part of

graduation day.

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