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Canine Education Center

Enhancing the Bond Between Humans & Dogs


We believe it’s never too late to teach a dog (and its owner) new behaviors.

Our classes are designed to teach you how to teach your dog.

We work with you so you can work with your dog. 

Our Class Dates & Services


Group classes are available. We have a training space now! Thank you to Shadowridge Veterinary Hospital for providing an area for us to hold classes. 



Puppy Class

Puppy training and careful socialization build good habits that will last a lifetime. 

Basic Obedience 

Dog training should be a part of every dog’s life. Teach your dog good behaviors so they become a welcome part of your family and the world.

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The basic skills, such as come, attention, leash awareness, and stay, are worked at a higher degree of challenge for you and your dog.


Special Events


We are planning to offer Special Events such as Pet First Aid, Walks Around Town, lectures and fundraisers. Stay tuned for more and let us know what you’d like!

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Satisfied Owners. Happy Dogs.


"You have encouraged us and shown us what it means to not only like dogs, but enjoy living with them and having fun. THANK YOU!! Boy am I glad we found you!”



Dear Kindred Spirits,

From the bottom of my heart - thank you! I've always loved my dog but I enjoy her much more now that we've both had some training.

I just wanted Shiloh to stop jumping on people and to not pull when I walk her. But you've taught us both so much more. Hip hip horray for Kindred Spirits!

Ellen and Shiloh


Dear Kindred Spirits,

Thank you for teaching me how to walk my dog without my arm getting ripped off! All of you are great!

Jayne and Lexy

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