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Basic Obedience Training

Basic Obedience class is an introduction to training for dogs four months of age and older. 

Teach your dog how to be the dog you want! Obedience training is the best way to prevent problems from starting and to clear up any problems you and your dog may be having.


Training is not just about teaching your dog to sit, down, and stay. Our classes are designed for learning how to communicate with your dog, learning what your dog is communicating, and teaching your dog what you’d like from them. When you and your dog reach an understanding, wonderful things can happen.


To teach your dog good canine manners, all that’s needed is some time, knowledge, and a commitment. A group obedience training class is a great way to learn!

How it works

Humans are taught to use a combination of “lure and reward” command training and “concept training".


Command training is when you train a dog to respond to a specific command; teach a behavior associated with a "cue". Concept training teaches the skills that your dog needs to obey your commands out in the world.

We also use a series of ‘choosing games’, where the goal is not to teach a command, but rather to teach a dog that when they make good choices, good things happen. Choosing games teach dogs that they can get what they want (and please you at the same time) by figuring out what you want.


Some of the topics covered in Basic Obedience class include

  • Sit

  • Stay

  • Watch Me

  • Down

  • Walk Nicely on Leash

  • Heel

  • Leave it 

  • Wait

  • Come


We will also discuss issues such as: 


  • Brain games

  • Restraint 

  • Social handling

  • Adolescence

  • Social manners

  • Solutions for problem behaviors such as barking, mouthing, biting, jumping, and housetraining. 


Classes offer:

  • Information, advice, and feedback from professional dog trainers.

  • An opportunity for your dog to practice listening to you with a ton of distractions around.

  • A regular date with your dog where you can learn to better understand each other and bond.

  • The chance for your dog to get comfortable around people and other dogs.

Class Information


760B Sycamore Ave, Vista 92083


1 hour a week for 6 weeks

Dog Age Requirement:

Dog must be over 16 weeks of age to begin this course.



Class Rules:

  • A maximum of 6-8 dogs per class

  • A maximum of two people per dog​

  • Please bring training treats for your dog (small, like pencil eraser size)

Additional details:

  • Registration and payment must be completed prior to first class meeting.

  • Bring your dog on leash and whatever collar you're currently using

  • No retractable or "flexi" leashes please

Requirements to attend:​

  • Up to date vaccinations are required prior to attending class. Please send or bring proof with you to the first class. A vet receipt is fine.

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