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Trick training is great fun for both dogs and their owners! It’s still training – just as obedience training is – and builds on the training relationship you have with your dog.

This class is available only to graduates of a Kindred Spirits Basic class.

In this class, we talk about a lot of different tricks–you can pick and choose which to teach and practice during the class (and after!)

tricks weave
tricks weave 2a
tricks weave 2c
tricks weave 2b

Weave Trick

Tricks include:

  • Touch (hand, target stick, other objects)

  • Shake or give me your paw, high five, wave

  • Jump {over stick}

  • Stand

  • Weave, weave while walking

  • Chin rest

  • Spin

  • Jump  {over leg, through hoop, through arms} 

  • Tug and Give

  • Bow

  • Get it/Take it/Bring it/Hold it

  • Paws Up

  • Peek-a-boo 

  • Beg or Please

  • Back Up

  • Roll Over

  • Crawl

  • March

  • Speak

  • Say Your Prayers

  • Go to: mark, bed

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