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Puppy Class

Puppy training and careful socialization build good habits that will last a lifetime. Stop bad habits before they begin and have fun while doing it.


Basic Obedience 

Dog training should be a part of every dog’s life. Teach your dog good behaviors so they become a welcome part of your family and the world.

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Continuing Education

This class is only open to Basic Obedience graduates, to practice basic obedience skills. Each class will cover different obedience skills.

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Trick training is about being silly and having fun with your dog, but it can also help you and your dog build an even greater relationship

Intermediate Class

The basic skills, such as come, attention, leash awareness, and stay, are worked at a higher degree of challenge for you and your dog.


Therapy Dog Class

Therapy Dog training is a wonderful way to deepen your bond with your dog and your community. Learn to communicate and work together as a team


Canine Good Citizen

Add the Canine Good Citizen to your dog's list of achievements! Build on their Basic Obedience skills and ensure your dog has good manners. 


Community Canine

This class is the next title after the Canine Good Citizen (CGC). Whereas Canine Good Citizen tests are most often tested in a ring or class, the Community Canine test is done in real situations in the community.

Upcoming Classes

All classes are one hour a week, for six sessions, for $150.
Registration is done through our booking software, PawPartners
To register and book, please create an account with PawPartner.
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